Who we are

We are Renzo & Katie, two former Ph.D. students in Munich, graduated in Astronomy. After the Ph.D. and about one year of work as postdoctoral scientists, we decided to leave Astronomy. Hard choice, but we are very happy with our decision and looking forward for what has to come. Especially eager to learn new things, get to know all different kinds of people and landscapes.

It was quite a while that we were thinking of going to Australia, Katie’s country. Well, the perfect time opportunity was presented to us at the end of June, when both our working contracts were coming to an end; so we looked at each other and said: “Now or never again!”
So we planned and now we will do. After six weeks of rest and wandering around Italy, we will be visiting Australia starting in the second half of August 2012. It will be the journey of a life, lasting up to six months. We will visit the great Aussie National parks (Mungo, Lake Eyre, Finke Gorge, Nitmiluk, Kakadu, Daintree…), hike along the harsh and desert Larapinta trail, canoeing down in the Katherine’s gorge hoping not to find any salty water crocodile (the 10 meters ones) which decided to swim upstream, drive the outback Oodnadatta track along the Flinders ranges up to Lake Eyre, hiking in thousand-year-old rain forest in North Queensland, snorkelling (and diving?) at the great barrier reef, and visiting the internal small villages along the East coast.

But the cool thing is that it will not be over there… After recovering from this amazing experience, storing and showing Terabytes of photos and probably spending a relaxing summer Christmas on the beach, we will take the road back again, and will turn our way towards the south. We are planning to ride our bicycles along the great ocean road in Victoria, and then attempting the long jump out of the continent, heading towards Tasmania. We’d like to ride all Tasmania in a circle, East and West coast, and then to strain our courage and willpower (but also leg power) in one of the most amazing great Aussie walk: the Great SouthWest Track of Tasmania, a place of unique beauty and wilderness, one of the few remaining pieces of our dearest Earth’s most remote time.

To help you visualise the trip we have in our mind, we show down here two maps with the itineraries of the two legs, which we will refer to as the grand tour (continent) and the great south (Victoria and Tasmania).

This trip will not only be a holiday. Renzo is on a working holiday visa, and this will allow us to stop here and there to find a short term job to sustain our finances; we are very excited about this prospect. We’d like to try working the harvest of different type of products in different part of Australia, from the dry south to the wet north, to experience another aspect of the relationship that we will develop with this grand land. But the harvest will not be the only job we may find… Some surprises could come along the way, like living on an island for a while and working for the fauna protection; all opportunities are open.

If you like to follow us, come back and read our blog; this is thought as an open diary, where we will collect pictures, and we hope to describe the strangest and funniest encounters with humans and animals, tell stories about the beautiful experiences we will have along the long way, and sharing with you our passion for living in Nature.

Renzo & Katie




One response to “Who we are

  1. totally approved 😀 when you are in Darwin we might come over to join your visit to one of the parks there! well, we keep in touch I presume. also, in february we were planning to drive to tasmania and walk the Overland Track, maybe our scheduled can match!

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